Speedify Keeps Your iPhone from Getting Stuck on Access-less Wi-Fi Networks


LAS VEGAS, NV - Speedify announced the iOS version of Speedify for Mobile at this week’s CES Unveiled 2016 event. While speed is a good thing, we think the most compelling aspect of this solution is that it will do it's very best to guarantee the reliability of your data connection, be it Cellular, Wi-Fi, or a combination. Speedify for Mobile is also available for Android; Speedify for Desktop is available for both Mac and PC.

Think of Speedify as your own personal Internet connection manager; it watches your Wi-Fi and cellular data connections to see what's fastest, and also checks to make sure you really have a path out to the Internet.

For example, if you've ever been stung by an open Xfinity Wi-Fi network that doesn't really get you on the Internet, Speedify is a godsend. Instead of needing to jump into Settings on your iPhone to forget the Xfinity network, or disable Wi-Fi to force an LTE or 4G connection, Speedify automatically makes the switch for you.

To use Speedify Mobile for iOS, one first needs to download the free Speedify iOS app. The first time you run the app, you’ll be asked to install a Speedify VPN Configuration. This is part of the magic that allows Speedify to measure the quality of your connections,  and to utilize both Cellular and Wi-Fi data if possible. You then create or login to your account, select a Speedify server to connect to, and you’re done. Before you connect, be sure to enable Wi-Fi and connect to a nearby access point.

Speedify for iPhone helps you use the best data connectionSpeedify for iPhone helps you use the best data connection

The app shows the status and reliability of your connection(s) and will constantly monitor them to make sure at least one of them is reliable, without the user having to fiddle with their iOS settings.  Under the best of conditions, if both are reliable, then they will be bonded, which will offer a speed boost by combining your Cellular and Wi-Fi bandwidth.  Speedify can be used for free with up to 1 GB/month of data, as well as various pricing plans for data above that.

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Check that EULA—the VPN connection means you’re routing all your traffic through them, and they can sell the data they glean—all your traffic—to the highest bidder.  Is it worth it?


Plus if you have to pay for data you basically are paying twice, once for your cellular data plan and then again for routing it through their servers. Yuck.

(I would assume that a jailbroken app could probably toggle the internet settings for you for free. I’m not sure if you can do the “bonded” approach without a VPN. Not sure how it works to access both wifi and cellular data at the same time on an iPhone.)

Alex Gizis

Hi, this is Alex from Speedify.  Thought I should jump in and answer some concern here:

1truBob -  We do NOT have the right to sell your data, and we do not log information about what you do through the service.  Our privacy policy is posted here: http://speedify.com/privacy-policy/

webjprgm - You’re paying for the bonding service, which gives you faster, more reliable internet.  Yes, that is different than paying for internet access.  I’m not aware of any other way to get bonding on your mobile, either free or paid.


Ryan Fitz

Sorry for the late reply but just now catching up on the podcasts and was curious when I heard about the issue at the airport because on my iPhone 5s I go to settings: cellular: and down at the very bottom is a setting called wifi assist, which when turned on “Automatically use cellular data when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor”
Just a thought, perhaps not all phones have this, but it’ll avoid using third party if it’s not necessary.

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