Splashtop Gets Better…at a Cost

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How would you like to be able to see your Mac’s screen on your iPad? Not just view the screen, but interact with it? Move windows around. Open and quit applications. Edit and save documents. In fact, how would you like to be able to do from your iPad pretty much anything you could do if you were seated in front of your Mac?

Guess what? This is not the future. You can do this today — via any of several iOS apps that support this sort of remote access. My personal favorite continues to be Splashtop Remote Desktop. Today, the makers of Splashtop Remote Desktop announced an upgrade to Splashtop 2.

Splashtop 2 retains all the features that I liked in the original version. After installing the matching software on a Mac, you select to connect to the Mac from your iPad. That’s it. The Mac screen appears and you’re good to go. Avoiding clutter, all you see is the Mac’s screen. All settings and controls remain hidden until you request them. Various combinations of taps and swipes mimic the actions of a trackpad or mouse.

Splashtop 2

So what’s “new and improved” in Splashtop 2? Two things. First, the app has been optimized for the iPad’s Retina display. Second, Splashtop has a new method for making remote connections. It’s called Anywhere Access.

If you only use Splashtop 2 to connect over a local Wi-Fi network, you don’t need Anywhere Access. You will need it, however, to link to your Mac from a remote location, via a WAN or 3G/4G connection.

The original version of Splashtop handled these remote connections through Google. You logged into your Google account from the Splashtop software. In Splashtop 2, the Google option is gone. Instead, there is Anywhere Access.

Anywhere Access is maintained directly by Splashtop via its own servers. This offers several advantages. First, it simplifies the login process. No longer will you need to enter port numbers, IP addresses, or any other technical data. Just provide your Splashtop account name and password and you are in. Anywhere Access also offers better security, via encryption algorithms that Splashtop claims “compare to what banks employ.” Finally, it offers improved performance. For example, if Splashtop notices you have a poor network connection, it attempts to maintain an optimal frame rate by downgrading the image quality a bit. Google could not do this.

There’s one catch. The Anywhere Access Pack is an in-app purchase that costs $0.99/month or $9.99/year. In contrast, the now defunct Google alternative was free. Again, LAN connections do not require the Anywhere Access Pack. But for other connections, you’ll need to pay this ongoing fee. However, you only have to purchase the Pack once to use it on any and all of your mobile devices.

As a “thank you” to existing customers, the upgrade to Splashtop 2 is free. Even better, the Anywhere Access Pack is also free — with no expiration date!

For new users, Splashtop 2 is available for the iPad at the introductory price of $1.99. Eventually, the price will go up to $9.99. Splashtop also plans to release versions for the iPhone and Android devices within the next few weeks.

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Paul Goodwin

I really like Splashtop too-use it on an iPad and iMac. I did the upgrade tonight to version 2. Everything went smoothly between the iPad and the iMac. Install process was easy and no hitches.

However, the prior version would access more than one computer on my network. On the old version, I could log into my wife’s MacBook Pro also. However, after installing the updated streamer on th MBP, it’s no longer recognized on the iPad. When I try to log into my Splashtop2 account on the MBP, it says it doesn’t recognize my email or password (yes I’m sure I entered it correctly). It didn’t allow me to log in whether the iMac was logged in or not. In the old version, both computers showed in the accessible computers list on the iPad

I will post a question on their website and post back.


I am one who just purchased Splashtop 2 not as an upgrade. What I need to know is where do I go to purchase Anywhere Access. I have spent several hours searching but all I can find is information about Anywhere Access being included in the upgrade to Splashtop 2. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Ted Landau

When I try to log into my Splashtop2 account on the MBP, it says it doesn?t recognize my email or password (yes I?m sure I entered it correctly). It didn?t allow me to log in whether the iMac was logged in or not. In the old version, both computers showed in the accessible computers list on the iPad

Make sure you have upgraded software on all machines and that all are using the newly created Splashtop account name and password. If that doesn’t work, not sure what else to suggest. I can see both Mac Pro and MacBook Air on my iPad.

What I need to know is where do I go to purchase Anywhere Access.

You need to create a new name and password for Splashtop account. After logging into the account on iPad, the Anything Access Pack option should appear in the Settings menu. Not sure how payment is handled. I upgraded…and so it just says “No expiration date.”

Paul Goodwin

Ted. The MBP is a 2006 core duo that can’t run 10.7, so it’s at 10.6.8. I downloaded the Splashtop2 to the MBP but it won’t let me log in to the same account that I have on the iMac. When I try to log into my account on the MBP I get an error message that says my user ID or password is wrong, but I know it’s right because I can log off then back on with it on the iMac which has the latest 10.7 OS.

I don’t know whether the issue has to do with 10.6.8 or not. I posted a help ticket on their site but hVen’tbheard back yet

Paul Goodwin

Once I set up mynwife’s MBP with her own email and password for Splashtop2, it works. But I can only see one computer at a time. If I want to acces hers, I have to log out of my Splashtop account and log into hers, then I can access her computer. Not quite as convenient as before when they both show up at the same time, but it’s workable. It simply wouldn’t let me log onto her computer with the same account ID and password as I was using on the iMac. It may have been because her iPad Splasht op wasn’t updated yet when I tried accessing her computer. I have a hunch that if I’d updated her iPad and used my ID and password instead of hers on the iPad, the streamer would have allowed me to log on. No big deal I guess. Both iPads and both Macs work, they just don’t show up simultaneously on the list

Phil Hawkshaw

This is the first time I’ve seen or used Splashtop.

To say it supports the Retina display the W7 over LAN is fuzzy as hell!!

Is what’s the score??


On the basis of this article, I went ahead and purchased. It’s absolute rubbish. It changes the resolution of the displays you’re connecting to for a start. How is this better than say, LogMeIn for example?

Aliasgar Babat

I dig Splashtop, too. But I use my PC laptop more than my desktop, so I prefer to use RHUB’s 6-in-1 service b/c it gives me more options for remote support and online collaboration.

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