Sponsor: BitSuites

I'd like to thank BitSuites for sponsoring TMO this week. BitSuites is an iOS app development team that takes a different approach, and one that works. Indeed, we've worked with BitSuites — they wrote our Mac Geek Gab iOS app for us — and it was a hugely positive experience.

BitSuitesThe BitSuites difference is that they have pretty much done away with the concept of a specifications document. It seems crazy, but it's not. Think about it: a spec document is something you hand to a developer, then they go and build that and you pay them. I don't know about you, but that's not how I do anything anymore. When I need something built it's an iterative process (just ask the people who put in my closets last year!). Really what I want is to have someone build something that I think I want, and yet be totally ready to scrap it entirely once I get my hands on it and play with it. For it's only then that I can truly know if something works the way it should, and that iterative design process is the only way to get there.

And that iterative process is at the core of BitSuites' approach. They were actively involved in developing features for the app, but never with that ego-centric view of "no, we can't kill that feature, we thought of it!" It was always about what we wanted for the app, even if we didn't know it at the outset.

If you're looking to do anything with iOS, talk with BitSuites, get to know them. We did, and we're very happy with the outcome!