Sponsor: Boom from Global Delight

My sincere thanks go out to Global Delight for sponsoring TMO this this week.

Boom, from Global Delight, is a utility for your Mac that solves the problem of low-volume audio. Ever been watching a movie or video on your Mac and been straining to hear out of your Mac's speakers? Chances are your speakers could take the audio at a much higher level before distorting if only there was a way to increase the signal being sent.

That's where Boom comes in. In its most basic use case, it boosts the audio on your Mac and, in my experience, can often provide at least double the output while sounding fantastic. Boom does this with a smart combination of gain boost as well as equalization settings, all of which happen automatically behinds the scenes. For you, the user, it simply works as soon as you enable it. Simple, elegant, and quite functional. And for those power users who want to tweak, Boom offers additional settings you can tune to your preference.

I use Boom regularly on my MacBook Air. It seems like so many videos are produced with low-gain audio. This may be a good thing in your home theater where you've often got headroom to spare, but out of my Mac's tiny speakers I need all I can get and then some. It's that "and then some" that Boom provides.

Check out their free demo [9MB download] today. That's how I got started years ago, and I was instantly hooked!