Sponsor: Go Daddy

We'd like to thank Go Daddy for sponsoring us here at TMO this week. Go Daddy has long sold domain names at discount prices, as you probably know, but what you may not realize is that they also can be your web host. And they're not just a web host for geeks who know how to code HTML (though they certainly are OK with that, too), Go Daddy has their own Website Builder that makes it easy for anyone to create a site.

Go Daddy's Website Builder lets you choose from thousands of full-color templates, then you simply drag-and-drop your own custom text and images into your site. Once you're done, sit back and let the magic happen while Go Daddy automatically converts your website to mobile – you don’t have to do a thing. Your mobile site is optimized for the most popular smart phones, including the iPhone, of course. 

But as we said, if you are a geek and want to do more, you can. Go Daddy's website hosting offers something for everyone, including WordPress Hosting or, if you need it, even your own virtual dedicated server. Need to add a shopping cart? No problem with Go Daddy's built-in eCommerce solutions, and everything is backed by Go Daddy's U.S.-based customer support team.

Sign up by the end of March (the 31st, to be exact!) and you'll be able to take advantage of special pricing, too. Using coupon code MacObsHost you get a year's worth of Go Daddy's Economy Web Hosting for just US$1/month. Coupon code MacObsWSB gets you a year's worth of Go Daddy's Economy Web Site Builder for just $1/month, too. Plus, if you sign up for either one of these they'll come with a free domain name, too! Check it out now, and we hope you enjoy.