Sponsor: Merlin from Project Wizards

It is my distinct pleasure to have Project Wizards on board this week to sponsor TMO with their awesome project management app, Merlin. Long-time followers of TMO history will note that Project Wizards has been sponsoring our Cirque du Mac party for the past 5 years straight, contributing directly to the benefit of our collective community here. Please join me in offering our sincere thanks for all of this.

If you haven't checked our Merlin yet, I encourage you to do so – and you can do it for free with a trial direct from their website. Merlin is project management softwqare for pros, and has won countless awards over the years, including an Eddy from Macworld.

One of the highlights of Merlin is the way it enhances the project management experience with what they call Elements. Elements allow you to attach bits and pieces of information to related segments inside your project. This means you not only see what's on the schedule, but you can see why you put it there, and what it actually means. Additionally, Merlin reads Microsoft Project formatted files, making working with others a breeze.

And in a very meta move, the great folks at Project Wizards use Merlin to plan out the development path of Merlin (I've seen it ... and no, I can't tell you all the great features they'll be adding!).

But trust me when I say this: check it out. If you have a need to do any project planning at all, you're going to want to get acquainted with Merlin.

If you are interested in sponsoring TMO, please {encode="macobserver@backbeatmedia.com" title="email us"} and we'll get you more details.