Sponsor: Newer Technology Power2U

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The focus this week is on their Power2U replacement wall outlet. The Power2U fits into most standard 16 cubic inch, 2-outlet junction boxes in your walls, has two AC outlets just like you're used to, and then also has two USB ports that are capable of 2A (10W) of charging power, enough to properly and quickly charge your iPad, iPhone, or other USB-based devices. Just plug in your USB cables and go. You can use all four plugs simultaneously (two direct USB, two with AC) to charge up to four devices if you like, too (or you can power a lamp or anything else with the AC plugs just like you already do).

I've gone through the process of installing one of these in my house, and it is truly as simple as replacing a standard wall outlet. And if you're building a new house or adding on, you can put these everywhere right out of the gate. 

The Power2U is UL/CUL Listed for use in both the USA and Canada, which means that you know it's safe (and so does your homeowners insurance carrier!). They retail for US$14.99 (less if you buy in bulk) and come in four colors: Black, White, Light Almond and Ivory.