Sponsor: PDFpen 6 from Smile

It's sponsor time here at TMO again and I am thrilled to welcome back Smile in that capacity. Smile makes several of my favorite, can't-live-a-day-on-a-Mac-without products, and PDFpen is one of them.

The features I'll mention here are availale in both versions of PDFPen, regardless of whether you get the standard version or enhanced PDFpen Pro. Long-time TMO readers and Mac Geek Gab listeners will know that these are just some of the things I use PDFPen for regularly:

  • Filling out forms. So often I get PDFs that are forms but don't have those handy form-fill-out fields in them. No worry, I just load it up into PDFpen, place my cursor where I want to type and... I type. No problem. I can even paste my signature right onto a document if I want. It's so easy I don't even think about printing and filling out those PDFs any more. I just use PDFpen and then email the result back.
  • Correcting text. There are times when I get a PDF that doesn't have quite the right information in it or, even worse, has a typo. Normally I'd have to go back to the person who made it, ask them to make changes, wait for the change, and then I can move forward. With PDFpen, it's simple to edit text in pre-made PDFs. Just click, type, and you're done.
  • Adding images. I mentioned above that I often add my signatures to PDFs with PDFpen, but there are times I use it to add images, too. PDFpen makes it easy to just paste in and lay the image out exactly where you want it. You can truly customize PDFs with this.

On top of all that, the new version, PDFPen 6, now includes the ability to export documents in (editable!) Microsoft Word format, as well. This means you can get a PDF, let PDFPen do its magic, and then not only edit it but format it, too, right there inside Microsoft Word. And, of course, since Apple's Pages also reads MS Word files, you can edit with Pages, as well (or any other word processor that reads Word format, which basically means all of them!).

PDFPen is truly one tool that I find necessary and invaluable, and I'm convinced you'll feel the same way. As always, Smile offers a free trial download so you can confirm this before you buy. Check it out, and let them know we sent you, too, please – I think you'll be glad you did, and we thank you!

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