Sponsor: PDFpen from Smile

In what perhaps will be my final post before Thanksgiving, I would like to offer my thanks to Smile, this week's sponsor here at TMO

Our focus for this spot is on PDFPen, the all-purpose PDF editing tool for the Mac. Our world lives half in paper and half online, and PDFs are the bridge between those halves. And while we can all create PDFs as easily as we can print them (hint: check the menu in the lower left of your Mac's print dialog), editing or modifying a PDF once you've made it is not something you can easily do.

Until, that is, you get PDFPen. Then everything changes. There are so many things that PDF allows you to do. Among them: you can use PDFPen to add your signature to your PDFs, you can edit text within your PDFs and now with version 6.1, you can add "stamps" to your PDFs. Ever need to mark something as "Confidential" or "Draft" or add a "Sign Here" sticker to something? Well... now you can do that right on your PDF and email the file to whomever needs to see it.

PDFPen now supports PDF stamps and includes a great library of default stamps for you to use

PDFPen is one of those utilities that I couldn't live without. I don't use it every day, but I almost certainly use it every week and, when I do, it saves me a ton of time. My guess is that it will do the same for you, too. Download a trial copy today and check it out!