Sponsor: Smile's PDFPen for iPhone

I am very happy to welcome Smile as this week's sponsor here at TMO. Smile this week will celebrate their 10th year in business, and that is something for which all of us Mac and iOS users can be thankful.

PDFPen for iPhone

Our focus this week is on PDFPen for iPhone, winner of a recent Macworld App Gem award. This is the mobile version of the software that we all know and love (and use!) on the Mac. I find myself regularly using PDFPen on my iPhone to add my signature to PDF contracts when I'm not at my desk (and if I am at my desk I use PDFPen on my Mac to do the same!). You can also make changes and corrections to PDFs on the go, fill out applications, and more. Additionally, using iCloud and/or Dropbox, you can sync your PDFs and edits back and forth with your Mac, keeping your life — and your changes — in sync no matter where you are.

Smile isn't just about making great software, they also like to make sure you know how to use it, too. To that end they enlisted our friend, David Sparks, to do a screencast teaching you all about PDFPen for iPhone.

Happy 10th anniversary, Smile, and thanks for your continued support of all that we do here at TMO (Smile is a Cirque du Mac X and Mac Geek Gab sponsor, as well). I'm looking forward to the next decade in your company's history and all the great software you'll bring us. Thanks, Smile!