Sponsor: The Omni Group

This week it is my absolute pleasure to welcome The Omni Group as our sponsor. And not only is The Omni Group this week's sponsor here, they were also big sponsors of ours during Macworld/iWorld recently, helping to make Cirque du Mac 2014 happen. They deserve (and got!) a big round of applause just for that.

But that's not all. The Omni Group has been making fantastic apps for decades, and their iOS and Mac apps are all best-in-class. The first app of theirs I'd like to recommend to you is OmniGraffle. Available on both Mac and iPad, OmniGraffle is a design-and-wireframing tool that allows you create all kinds of different visual representations of your thoughts. One cool part is the way it keeps individual elements connected even when you move one element independent of another. Check it out. You'll be glad you did. I was!

Next up is OmniFocus. Find anyone out there who comes up with great ideas all day long and I guarantee you've found someone who forgets half of their good ideas. Unless they use OmniFocus, that is. With this tool they've made it easy to capture – and later organize – your thoughts into to-do lists, projects, and more. Available for Mac, iPhone and iPad this is truly your idea center, decentralized. Log a concept on your iPhone and manage it later from your Mac. You get the idea. Pun intended.

When your ideas become projects, bring them into OmniPlan and truly manage all phases of your project, making Gantt charts, schedules, managing milestones and more.

And if that wasn't quite enough different ways to manage all the information you create (or are tasked with!), OmniOutliner is there as a first-class citizen to manage things ina  more textual way. Write, structure, annotate, and sync, OmniOutliner works with both your Mac and your iPad to get the job done.

All of these apps are available in both the App Store as well as The Omni Group's own store, the latter allowing 14-day free trials of each of them. Go check 'em out, one-by-one, and figure out which one(s) you need, because I can guarantee you that you need at least one of these apps to make the most of your great ideas.

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