Spotify U.S. Launch Could Be Days Away

The online music streaming service Spotify announced this week that it is finally branching out into the United States, although the company didn’t say just how soon that would happen. Now AllThingsD is saying the U.S. rollout could be just days away based on comments from record label executives.

Spotify in the U.S. soon. How soon? Very soon.Sources say Spotify’s U.S. launch could happen next week

Spotify’s streaming music service is popular in Europe, but has suffered from a string of missed launch dates in the U.S. despite the company’s efforts. Warner Music Group still hasn’t signed on, and launching with only three of the four major music labels on board would mean the available music selection would be limited.

Warner’s apparent resistance to Spotify doesn’t come as a surprise. Last fall Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman stated “Free streaming services are clearly not net positive for the industry. As far as Warner Music is concerned [they] will not be licensed.”

Spotify is most likely hoping Mr. Bronfman has had a change of heart since the two companies have continued negotiating. Insider sources claim the two sides are close to finally reaching an agreement, too.

With Spotify’s ongoing track record of missing its own target rollout dates in the U.S., however, there’s still a good chance next week will come and go without an official launch.