Sprint lets iPhone in on Framily Wall Action

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Sprint's Framily Wall opened up to iPhone users on Monday, bringing the private chat network Apple's smartphone for the first time. Framily Wall is a feature open to Sprint's Framily Plan subscribers for sharing messages, photos, video, and audio only between participants.

Sprint's Framily Wall social sharing service now available to iPhone ownersSprint's Framily Wall social sharing service now available to iPhone owners

Framily Wall also lets users share calendars and contacts, track each other's location, and share photo albums. Only the people that are in a Framily Wall group can see the shared content, and users can participate in multiple walls.

Sprint lets Framily Wall users invite non-Sprint customers to participate, too. The service is free to all users, but Framily Walls must be started by Sprint subscribers.

Sprint's Framily Wall app is free and is available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.

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If you want to share photos and videos, plus participate in chats with a small group of people, outside of services like Facebook, Framily Wall may be a good option. Assuming you, or someone you want to share with, is a Sprint subscriber, of course.

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