Sprint MVNO Ting Adds iPhone 5 Support

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Ting adds iPhone 5 supportTing, the Sprint MVNO owned by Tucows, is expanding its smartphone support to include Apple's iPhone 5. The carrier already supported the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, but until now had been held back from newer models.

Ting is a mobile network virtual operator, or MVNO, that uses Sprint's network to offer its own cellphone carrier services. As part of its deal, Ting must wait to add support for new devices until Sprint gives its nod of approval. With the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C about six months old, Sprint was finally ready to green light the discontinued iPhone 5 model.

Ting is attractive to some users because it offers no-contract deals and lower monthly costs for individuals and groups. The company also offers online tools for monitoring and managing your cell phone use.

The carrier hasn't officially announced Sprint-compatible iPhone 5 support yet, but is expected to do so next week.

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It's great seeing iPhone 5 support on Ting, but it sure would be nice if Sprint gave the MVNO approval for iPhone models faster than it does.

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Ting is awesome! I was a bit nervous switching in January after 10+ years with my old provider.  Great service, FANTASTIC website, very reliable service where I live.  Been using a 4S, glad to see they are adding the 5.

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