Sprint Drops 1-year Plans Ahead of iPhone Event

Sprint drops 1-year contractsSprint is trimming back on some of its cell service subscription offerings ahead of Apple’s October 4 iPhone-related media event. As of October 2, customers apparently won’t be able to sign up for one-year service plans anymore, and the company’s bill-to-account feature is set to end in a few days, too.

According to Android Central, customers that already have one-year service plans will be able to continue participating in that program, but new customers will have to sign up for two-year contracts just as they would with other U.S. carriers.

SprintFeed reported that Sprint’s Bill-to-Account feature, which lets users buy new phones and attach the payment to their monthly bill is being killed, too. The change means all customers will have to pay for their Sprint-compatible phones and tablets up front instead of financing the payment through their monthly phone bill.

Sprint has been rumored to be the next iPhone partner in the U.S., although it hasn’t confirmed or denied the reports. Apple has been characteristically quite on the topic, too.

Apple will be hosting a special media event in Cupertino on Tuesday, October 4, called “Lets talk iPhone.” The company isn’t offering any other hints about what will be shown off at the event, although it seems likely that the next iPhone model will be unveiled, and that more iOS 5 features will be detailed.