SQLabs Releases SQLiteManager 3.0

SQLabs announced the availability of SQLiteManager 3.0 on Friday. As its name suggests, it is a SQLite database manager tool for MacOS X and Windows.

SQLiteManager allows users to open and work with sqlite 2, sqlite 3, in memory databases, AES 128 encrypted databases and with REAL Server databases. Version 3.0 features a new chart panel to easily visualize data, as well as additional features.

Some of these features include:

  • SQLite2 and SQLite3 support
  • REAL Server support
  • In-Memory database support
  • AES 128 encrypted SQLite 3 databases support
  • Browse tables, views, and indexes
  • Full alter tables support
  • Built-in inline editing

An SQLiteManager single license is US$49 USD. A US$20 discount coupon code is available for SQLiteManager 2.x registered users. The utility is available from the SQLabs Web site.



SQLiteManager Screenshot