Star Wars goes Digital, Coming to iTunes and Amazon

The complete Star Wars movie series is coming to Apple's iTunes and many download services in digital HD on Friday, April 10. Until now, the movies have been conspicuously missing from the digital market.

Star Wars is finally going digitalStar Wars is finally going digital

The movies will include deleted scenes, cast and crew interviews, and behind-the-scenes looks into all six movies. There isn't any word on which versions of the movies we'll get this Friday—the original theatrical releases, or the updated bonus special effects versions that completely kill the growth of Han Solo.

He needs to be the pirate outlaw to give meaning to his decision to come to help Luke in the Death Star battle. This is all about character growth, and not turning iconic characters into flat cardboard representations just like the original Battlestar Galactica did.

George Lucas was the best thing and the worst thing that ever happened to Star Wars. He gave us an amazing story but couldn't let it be, so he just had to go back and mess it all up.


The iTunes Store, Amazon, and Google Play are offering the movies for US$19.99 each with pre-orders already underway.