StationStop Gets Ticket to Ride Again

Chris Schoenfield has apparently been able to overcome the objections of New York City's Metro Transit Authority, as his iPhone app StationStops is once again available on the App Store. StationStops had been pulled from the App Store after Apple received a Cease & Desist from the MTA, who claimed that its publicly available train schedule was intellectual property, as noted by

StationStops provides route information for trains leaving and departing Grand Central Station. The app's listing currently states that the developer is working with the MTA to get other stations added.

The MTA had also been concerned that they would receive complaints should StationStop's info ever be wrong, and the app now includes disclaimers disassociating itself with the MTA. The MTA had also wanted a 10% royalty and US$5,000 up front from Mr. Schoenfeld to use its information. The C&D was sent to Apple when he initially protested MTA's fee demands.

It's not clear yet what Mr. Schoenfeld had to do to get righteous with the MTA, but StationStops is available again at $2.99.

StationStops Screenshot
StationStops Screenshot