Steve Jobs Tribute Recreates iPod with HTML 5 & CSS3

A small Web development company called Inventika Solutions has paid tribute to Steve Jobs by recreating the original iPod on the Web using HTML 5, CSS3, and jQuery. The firm, which is located in Mumbai, India, has made the virtual iPod (shown below) to work as the original device worked, down to the rotating scroll wheel used to navigate the device.

1000 Songs In Your Pocket

Virtual iPod Screenshot

If you visit the site for the project, which is named "iPod - A Tribute to Steve Jobs," you can play songs, navigate playlists, view the clock and other Extras, and see a Contacts list. The developer said on the side that he hoped to add features like "shuffle" and that satisfying clicking sound from rotating the scroll wheel in the future.

The virtual iPod has some creative commons songs so that visitors can actually play the device without Inventika getting sued.

The project was first posted on September 2nd in a basic form, and the designer said he wanted to get it up and working in full in time for Friday's anniversary of Steve Jobs's passing. The apple cofounder introduced the iPod to the world by pulling it out of his pocket during a 2001 keynote.

We found it after Walt Mossberg tweeted "Awesome!" with a link to the project earlier on Friday.