Steve Jobs’s Yacht Hits the Waves

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Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs had been designing a yacht for his family, and a year after his death it is finally ready to set sail. The 80 meter-long craft was christened "Venus," and sports the sleek and minimalist look Mr. Jobs preferred.

Since Mr. Jobs was all about his Apple gear, Venus is controlled by seven 27-inch iMacs. The ship also sports other embellishments familiar to anyone that's visited an Apple retail store such as floor-to-ceiling glass walls, teak woodwork, and plenty of straight lines.

Mr. Jobs's family gave the ship builders an iPod shuffle with "Venus" inscribed on the back, too, since nothing says "thanks for the yacht" like a iPod.

[Thanks to The Verge for the heads up.]

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Wow, that is perhaps the ugliest bit of nautical engineering I have ever laid eyes on. Maybe it’s super practical and sails like nobody’s business…but it looks godawful from the outside.


jfbill: Thanks, I didn’t want to be the first one to say that


Steve Jobs may have been a visionary, but that is one ugly boat.

Lee Dronick

As someone who has spent half his life at sea I agree with Jfbiii, Geoduck, and Furbies, that thing is as ugly as a Newport Class LST. The only nice thing about it is its name. The Medea, now that is a yacht and its interior makes the Titanic’s (before the sinking) look like a tramp steamer.



It might be the sort of design that just doesn’t photograph well. I remember when the Ferrari Testarossa was released in 1984, and people either loved or hated the design. It didn’t photograph well, but seeing one in public made all of the difference. (A white version was featured in later episodes of Miami Vice.) I suspect the same of the late Mr. Jobs’s yacht. (That it just doesn’t photograph well, not that it was featured on Miami Vice….)


Seriously this obsession with calling everything associated with Steve jobs and apple “minimalist” has got to stop.  There is nothing at all minimalist about the design of that yacht, or the very concept of yachts in general.


I just can’t get into TMO tonight, especially stories about yachts.  I’ve been sitting by helplessly in Ann Arbor, watching my young daughters’ home get battered by Sandy.  And they’re only halfway through the ordeal, maybe less, if power outages a flooding remains for any period.

Sandy sure has restored my perspective.

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