Steve Jobs Action Figure Hits the Web

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Apple CEO is already a star in many people’s eyes, and now he’s immortalized in an action figure, too. M.I.C. is selling a surprisingly accurate interpretation of the man behind the iMac and iPod, and it even includes an iPhone in Steve’s hand.

Steve Jobs, ready for action!

The Steve figure sports his traditional black mock turtleneck shirt, blue jeans, and even includes his trademark glasses. Little Steve is hand painted for a realistic look and comes on an Apple logo base.

The downside is that the figure costs US$79.99, and quickly went from available to out of stock, and now looks to be completely unavailable thanks to Apple’s legal team saying little Steve violates trademark and copyright. The upside is that if you managed to get ahold of a Steve Jobs action figure before they sold out you most likely have a collectors item on your hands.

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Lee Dronick

Sucks that they are all sold out, my birthday is next week.


I think Bosco bought them all for his Steve Jobs shrine.



Judging from the weekly vitriol that is posted here, I am sure that somewhere a few heads have asploded!


Great! Does Little Steve do keynotes?


Would love to have one of these sitting on the top of my Mac Pro.

My Mac wouldn’t dare misbehave with “Little” Steve keeping watch.


Thank you, Intruder, for the laugh!!  Great one!!

Willy Gates


I have to get rid of mine.  The office wouldn’t approve.

Willy Gates

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