Steve Jobs Bio Tops Best Seller Lists

The Steve Jobs biography written by Walter Isaacson has rocketed to the top of several best seller lists, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple’s own iBookstore. Titled simply Steve Jobs, the book is the only biography that was authorized by Steve Jobs, and it was released on Monday.

The book was originally scheduled for a March 2012 release, but in August of this year, publisher Simon & Schuster moved the date up to November 21st. When Steve Jobs died on October 5th, the company announced it was moving the release date up yet again to October 24th.

The book has been heavily talked about and cited in the weeks since Mr. Jobs passed away, and author Walter Isaacson was featured in a 60 Minutes segment on Sunday talking about the book. As such, it’s not exactly surprising that it would debut atop best seller lists, but for those of us who follow Apple and the products that Steve Jobs shepherded into existence, it’s gratifying to see the world take so much interest in his story.

The best seller lists shown below are the ones that are updated live. The New York TImes Best Sellers’ list, for instance, is published on Sunday for the prior week, and thus the first opportunity for Steve Jobs to appear on that list will be this Sunday, October 30th.

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All screenshots were taken on Monday, October 24th.

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