Steve Jobs Dismisses Google’s Picasa Support on iPad

Apple CEO Steve Jobs dismissed the need for Picasa support on Apple’s iPad in an e-mail, according to The e-mail was a reply from Mr. Jobs to an Apple customer who wrote, asking about supporting Google’s online photo service on the iPad.

“The iPad photo app looks incredible,” an unidentified UK resident wrote to Mr. Jobs. “Are there any plans to support Picasa’s faces and albums in iTunes so I can take full advantage of the Photos application?”

In his reply, which was forwarded to, Mr. Jobs wrote, “No, but iPhoto on the Mac has much better Faces and Places features.” It was signed “Sent from my iPhone,” and the site examined the headers, which appear to support the idea that the letter legitimately came from Mr. Jobs.

Though Google was the first outside company allowed onto the iPhone by Apple, there have been increasing tensions between the two tech giants sparked by what Mr. Jobs has allegedly deemed a betrayal of Apple’s trust when Google went into the smartphone market.

That tension has been marked with incidents of Apple not allowing some Google apps onto the iPhone, and with statements attributed to Mr. Jobs denouncing Google as a company out to destroy the iPhone.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt used to be on Apple’s board of directors, but quit in August of 2009 due to increasing levels of competition between the two companies.