Steve Jobs Dismisses Google’s Picasa Support on iPad

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs dismissed the need for Picasa support on Apple’s iPad in an e-mail, according to The e-mail was a reply from Mr. Jobs to an Apple customer who wrote, asking about supporting Google’s online photo service on the iPad.

“The iPad photo app looks incredible,” an unidentified UK resident wrote to Mr. Jobs. “Are there any plans to support Picasa’s faces and albums in iTunes so I can take full advantage of the Photos application?”

In his reply, which was forwarded to, Mr. Jobs wrote, “No, but iPhoto on the Mac has much better Faces and Places features.” It was signed “Sent from my iPhone,” and the site examined the headers, which appear to support the idea that the letter legitimately came from Mr. Jobs.

Though Google was the first outside company allowed onto the iPhone by Apple, there have been increasing tensions between the two tech giants sparked by what Mr. Jobs has allegedly deemed a betrayal of Apple’s trust when Google went into the smartphone market.

That tension has been marked with incidents of Apple not allowing some Google apps onto the iPhone, and with statements attributed to Mr. Jobs denouncing Google as a company out to destroy the iPhone.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt used to be on Apple’s board of directors, but quit in August of 2009 due to increasing levels of competition between the two companies.

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Bryan, it is ‘Picasa’ not Picassa (in headline) or Picasso (in text).

Bryan Chaffin

Doh! Thanks, William. I corrected the spelling accordingly. smile

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

iPhoto is just frigging wonderful if you don’t want to take your Mac with you or pay for Why do any of you have any remaining positive thoughts about this jerk? I really don’t get it. He is first class a-hole right to the core. A customer pretty much tells Steve that he is interested in Steve’s greatest project of his life and that he wants to use it with another company’s product that he obviously has a lot of his content invested in, and Steve goes “not invented here” on him.


Just hope that the Photos app on the iPad permits one to create groupings.  It’s about time the i-device app did that (iPhone, IPT).  It’s a nuisance having to arrange things via iPhoto and iTunes.

How can any of us believe anything that anyone says comes from Jobs?

other side

He is first class a-hole right to the core.

..and always has been.

Steve has the incredible fortunes of his foresight and being right most of the time.  But his way has always been THE way; nobody tells him otherwise.

Whether the good is worth the bad always was a legitimate concern.


Well, it’s nice to know that iPhoto on the Mac is so wonderful.  But it doesn’t really matter, since he was talking about the iPad.

So, funny thing, Steve’s solution to using a free service like Picasa is to buy a $599 Mac to go along with your $499 iPad.


Because the j*** (starred out due to our proxy server) is responsible for good products, that are still - despite restrictions - largely more practically useful than their competitors.

Gates, on the other hand, is (these days) a great philanthropist, and probably always been the nicer guy (despite Microsoft’s reputation), but always been rubbish at the product aspect.

Linus Torvalds is easily as egotistical as Jobs, and a complete j*** towards anyone who expresses criticism - but again, responsible for a fantastic product - within it’s limitations (i.e. he’s responsible for the Linux kernel, not the full operating system).

It’s not as if it’s an unreasonably rude reply - it’s a politic one. It’s like people who expected Nokia or HTC to honestly say that the iPhone was years ahead of their phones. Of course not - you dismiss the competition, and promote your own inferior product - while copying what they do.

Now I’d agree that is probably the worst thing that Apple ever did (because it’s meant they haven’t focused on making iLife play well with popular free cloud services - until recently) but that also represents an opportunity for competition.


Hah. It’s just getting lamer and lamer. By the time it actually comes out it’ll do nothing but look pretty.


If you want Picasa on the iPad, write to Google, not Apple. Picasa is a web app and the iPad works well with web apps.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

So veggiedude, can you explain how you upload pictures to Picasa using Safari on the iPad. That’s not so clear.

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