Steve Jobs Email: iPads Initially Available Only at Apple Stores & Best Buy

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According to an e-mail reportedly sent by Steve Jobs in reply to a customer’s question, the iPad will be available, “Initially at Apple Retail and online stores and Best Buy.” Reported by AppleInsider, the e-mail suggests that AT&T will not be allowed to carry the device, at least on its launch, even though AT&T will be providing 3G access on its cellular networks.

That said, it is the WiFi-only version of the iPad that will be released first - 3G capable iPads will be released as early as 30 days after the April 3rd launch of the device, so the lack of them at AT&T shouldn’t come as a surprise, though readers looking to buy one through AT&T will likely appreciate the information.

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Steve has been sending a lot of emails lately, guess he got nothing to do? wink


Boo!  I hate it when Apple’s uses their retail stores to undercut the (few) other independent Mac retailers, many of whom stuck it out with Apple during the dark days of the mid 90’s.  I’m sure it’s ‘good business’ for Apple, but none of us like it when Apple acts like Microsoft.


I think it’s a stock issue


Key word is initially. It would make no sense to ship 5 units to every retail outlet in the United States (would cost more in shipping) than concentrating them in their initial release with hundreds in one location. It makes PERFECT sense indeed. And once they can ship 200k to 300k a month, then they’ll hit all the other retailers.

Jeremy Avalon

I work at an Apple Specialist, and we’ve been told from on high that we WILL be able to sell iPads, we just don’t know when or which models. (And that’s what we’re being told we can say as well).

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