Steve Jobs Immortalized as Detailed Figurine

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Just under three months after the death of Apple Co-Founder and CEO Steve Jobs, the tech visionary is being immortalized as a 1:6 scale figurine, for sale in February from Chinese toy company In Icons.

Steve Jobs Figurine

First noted by The Verge, the 12-inch figurine features an amazingly (and creepily) authentic reproduction of Mr. Jobs, including his iconic jeans and black turtleneck ensemble and a “One More Thing” backdrop. 

Although displayed on the In Icons’s website with a variety of Apple products, including a miniaturized 1984 Macintosh, iPad, and iPhone, the figurine unfortunately does not include these items.

Steve Jobs Figurine

Apple did not respond to our request for comment on the figurine at press time, and it remains to be seen how both the company and Steve Jobs’s estate will respond to its introduction. Apple has successfully forced the cessation of sale of previous action figures bearing Mr. Jobs’s likeness. For now, In Icons plans to begin selling the figurines in late February for $109.99 including shipping.

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Young Jobs or old Jobs?
It’s like Elvis all over again.


I’ll wait until they release a boxed set of Jobs, Woz and Ive action figures.  Hope they make every Apple computer as an accessory, from the Apple II+ to iPad.


Jobs, Woz and Ive

Wasn’t that the names of the original Mod Squad?

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