Steve Jobs in E-mail to Fan: “Life is Fragile”

In another e-mail reply from Steve Jobs to a fan, the Apple CEO offered a simple comment: “Life is fragile.” BusinessInsider published the exchange between Mr. Jobs and a young man named James who was thanking him for his recent efforts to promote an organ donation-related bill in California.

James told Mr. Jobs that he had lost his girlfriend in April of 2008 to melanoma, a cancer that “spread rapidly to her liver.” She died two days after this was discovered, making organ donations something important to the young man. James and his girlfriend both being from Cupertino, he called Mr. Jobs a “home town hero,” and he thanked him for his work in promoting organ donations.

Mr. Jobs sent him a reply of:

Your most welcome, James. I’m sorry about your girlfriend. Life is fragile.


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Steve Jobs has been replying to a number of e-mails from fans and Apple customers, many of which have made news in recent months, in part because they represented a change in behavior from Mr. Jobs, who was not known for directly replying to many such e-mails.