Steve Jobs Spotted at Apple, Looking Good

Apple CEO Steve Jobs may be on a medical leave of absence, but that hasn’t stopped people from seeing at the company’s Cupertino headquarters, or from noticing that he appears healthy.

Mr. Jobs was spotted on the Apple campus on January 31, according to author Matthew Cross, and he noted that the company’s leader “a healthy spring in his step,” and had a smile on his face.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs speaking at a media event in 2010

Mr. Cross saw Mr. Jobs walking through Apple’s main lobby talking on his phone. Before he could get close enough to talk, Mr. Jobs was out the door where he hopped into a waiting car.

The fact that Mr. Jobs was seen at the headquarters for the company he runs isn’t overly surprising. Following the announcement that he was taking medical leave, however, there has been speculation that his health is declining — a notion that Mr. Cross’s observations seen to contradict.

Mr. Jobs has taken time off from running Apple before, most notably to deal with pancreatic cancer, and then later for a liver transplant most likely related to his cancer bout.

Company COO Tim Cook is handling the company’s day-to-day operations while Mr. Jobs is out.