Steve Jobs’ TV Epiphany ‘Nothing New,’ Says Samsung Exec


As speculation about an Apple TV set swirls through this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, Philip Newton, Samsung Australia’s director of audio-visual, said that ex-CEO Steve Jobs’ revelation about “the simplest [TV] user interface you can imagine” is “nothing new.” He was quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Mr. Newton explained: “When Steve Jobs talked about he’s ‘cracked it’, he’s talking about connectivity – so we’ve had that in the market already for 12 months, it’s nothing new, it was new for them because they didn’t play in the space. It’s old news as far as the traditional players are concerned and we have broadened that with … things like voice control and touch control; the remote control for these TVs has a touch pad.”

Asked about Apple’s competitive position against Samsung, which is the top TV brand in the world, Mr. Newton replied: “Do we see them as a threat, not specifically no … probably we’ll have some competitors that may suffer … but we see it as a great opportunity, the more big name brands that get involved in smart [TV] the better off we are as a brand because we know we can lead it.”

The rest of the article details the latest developments in the market, including thinner TV sets, the use of OLED technology in screens, and increasing intelligence that includes voice and gesture commands and even face recognition so family members can log into unique profiles. Samsung is also offering an “evolution kit” that lets consumers plug new features into their existing TVs every year, rather than having to spend a couple thousand dollars on a new one.

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iCal’ed for future amusement.
No man speaks with as much certainty as he who is in error.


“Nothing new” says the guy who has everything to lose if Apple disrupts the market.  Reminds me of all those who said the iPad is “nothing new, we’ve had tablet computers”.  Or the iPhone is “nothing new, we’ve got smartphones.”  Or the iPod is “nothing new, we’ve got portable Mp3 players.”  Or…

Lesson: never trust the prognostications of the guy the who benefits if and only if he is correct.


What he’s doing is setting up his copy machine when Apple introduces its next market changer.  By making it sound like SJ’s idea was known before, he can copy it and make it out to be something that was so common, it was the next logical step.

Guy has zero shame.


?Do we see them as a threat, not specifically no/quote]
Ha, ha!!!!  How many times have we heard this crap before! When Apple started the iPod, when Apple started the iPhone, when Apple started the iPad. Shame on you Samsung, you just committed yourself to eat crow like all the rest! I’m sure there are a number of quotes from all kinds of companies saying the exact same thing before and Apple has proved them WRONG every time.


Deja vu all over again!!! You’d think that a guy who competes in the phone and tablet space against Apple would be aware of his past errors and hubris… wow…



Are you sure that’s no really Balmer who was talking?

“Nothing new” merits no reaction if it was uttered by someone from a company that has not adopted “copy everything Apple does” as a competitive strategy.

But seeing as this is from Samsung, whose chief of design is Jony Ive, the phrase that comes to mind is “That’s rich!”

It’s bad enough that you copy somebody else’s designs, but to then say that the people you are copying from has no originality and creativity?

Samsung really is a company that has no sense of shame or institutional pride at all.


((( “When Steve Jobs talked about he?s ?cracked it?, he?s talking about connectivity…” )))

Actually, no, he wasn’t. He was talking about making content deals with the major providers, just like he lined up all of the major record labels before opening the iTunes Music Store. I’m sure they know this at Samsung, and know also that they’ll have no way to compete if Apple has truly “cracked it,” so they change the subject to the red herring of “connectivity.”


Has anyone ever successfully navigated the Samsung TV’s UI the first time. I think not. “The simplest user interface” will be something new.


He has no idea what Jobs/Apple is thinking, no one does until their products gets launched-released. He’s putting on a brave face while shaking in his boots.

If an ‘iTV’ does arrive and gets even 1/2 the market share iPods, iTunes and iPhone have it will crush Samsung and everyone else’s TV sales where profits have already been shrinking for years.

CES is a great example, Jobs was quoted in book saying he finally cracked it’ - then Siri appears. Everyone assumes its a Siri enabled TV, and launch a parade of half baked TVs you talk too. I sincerely hope its an entirely new user interface no one ever imagined. Samsung and everyone else with a talking TV will look really foolish.

How about this:

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