Steve Wozniak: If Apple Releases the Tablet, I’ll Buy It

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If you're wondering who's going to line up to buy an Apple tablet for US$1,000, wonder no more: Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak will be in line. "I buy everything Apple comes out with," Mr. Wozniak said at a conference for his current company, Fusion-io. The Wall Street Journal reported that The Woz did include the caveat of, "If there is such a thing."

Of course, Mr. Wozniak then amended that to, "There is no such thing," so take it as you will

In any event, Fusion-io was holding its press conference to announce that IBM was using a technology the company developed called High IOPS Adapter in SSD drives for some of its servers. Despite that, however, reporters on-hand for the event asked Mr. Wozniak about Apple CEO Steve Jobs' health.

Mr. Wozniak demurred, at first, but then added that he had heard from unnamed Apple employees that Mr. Jobs was doing well.

Which brought the discussion back to Mr. Wozniak and his gadget and Apple device fetish. The Woz has stood in line for a new iPhone three times -- "They said I cut in line, but I didn't" -- and Fusion-io president David Flynn added about the tablet, "You're talking to a guy who has seven [navigation] systems in his car. So he will definitely be buying it."

There's more in the Journal's full story about Fusion-io and the event.

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Michael Vezie

Well, it’s not as if he’ll have to make sure there’s enough money in his checking account to cover his mortgage before he buys it…


Yeooerz, wish my mortgage was covered by new applications & hardware!

Terrin Bell

Perhaps, he means that he will buy an additional one, as Apple usually gives him free product.


There’ll always be someone lined up to buy Apple’s latest, regardless of function or price.

Sometimes they’re wrong (Newton, AppleTV), sometimes they’re right (iPod, iPhone).  Will have to see what comes of the tablet.


I love my AppleTV.  I’m not saying it couldn’t be better (e.g. attach external storage.), but I almost never use my DVD player any longer.


I LOVE my AppleTV too. Most owners I know do as well. ESPECIALLY when we have the ATVFlash hack applied. It’s almost like having a mac mini hooked up to the HDTV because you can surf the web using Firefox, PLAY nintendo games via emulation, ATTACH a USB drive for more movie storage…the list goes on and on…

Do we AppleTV owners want better performance from it…..OF COURSE… because although Boxee works well with almost all channels….there is a stuttering affect we get when watching Hulu content….but the content is free so I’m quite happy with it….NO CABLE/SATELLITE MONTHLY FEES!


No more bashing AppleTV folks, buy the $50 hack and do what you want to do with it. Laterz.


Careful macdaddy, that kind of talk will have you branded a thief/pirate/enemy of Apple? by one of the resident fan-Trolls.

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