Steve Wozniak Signs on for Dancing with the Stars

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ABC's Dancing with the Stars will go a little bit nerd in season eight now that Apple co-founder and tech guru Steve Wozniak has signed on to compete on the dance-based reality show. Woz will be pitted against Belinda Carlisle, David Alan Grier, Denise Richards, Lil' Kim, Jewel and several other celebrities showing off their ballroom groove thing.

The show teams its celebrities with professional dancers in ballroom competitions. Viewers vote for their favorite teams, and winning couples continue on to the next week's competition.

The TV series will presumably show that Woz is more than a computer designer-tech junkie-Segway riding-philanthropist and also know how to cut a rug. Dancing with the Stars airs in the U.S. starting on March 9 at 8PM eastern.

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I have to watch it now smile


Dancing with the stars has officially “jumped the shark” I’ll continue to not watch.

(Woz is a “star”? A “great guy?” yes, “visionary?”, of course, “star?” Give me a break.)


I hope the show does as much for him as it did for Marie Osmond (she lost 30-40 pounds). c’mon Steve get off the Segway once in a while and get back to a healthy weight.


Dancing with the Stars is this decades Love Boat. A place for people who have peaked but who desperately want to stay in the spotlight.


This is one more thing that Balmer will get upset about?  He?ll be mad that DWTS didn?t call him first.

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