Still Think iPad is for Consumption? Check Out Apple's New Music Ad

Apple's latest iPad commercial was released over the weekend ahead of the Grammys music awards event, and drives home the point that the tablet device isn't just a content consumption device. The minute-long spot follows musical artist Elliphant from composition to performance with a new song, and the iPad is a key part of that process.

Apple shows off iPad's musical abilities in new adApple shows off iPad's musical abilities in new ad

The ad shows Elliphant working on lyrics, recording ideas for parts of a song, sharing audio samples with her engineer, on-stage remixing, and filming performances with an iPad—all of which goes well beyond simply consuming music.

Here's what Apple highlighted in ad:

  • Apple Notes, included with iOS 8, for writing lyrics and other thoughts
  • GarageBand for recording audio and instrumental parts
  • Apogee MiC for voice recording
  • iMPC Pro for making audio samples and beats for songs
  • NanoStudio for audio mixing
  • Serato Remote for live audio remixing during performances
  • Manual Camera for precise camera controls when filming performances

In other words, Elliphant has a mobile recording studio in an iPad.