Strap Your iPad In with Car Kit for iPad

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Grantwood Technology announced Thursday the Car Kit for iPad, a set of accessories that allows you to strap an iPad to a car’s headrest for some instant entertainment. The Kit includes an FM transmitter that allows you to pump out the audio signal to the car’s stereo, and the transmitter also serves as a charger for your iPad.

Car Kit for iPad includes a case called SimpleCase, plus all the straps necessary so that users can strap an iPad to the back of a headrest, around the base of a headrest, or even between two headrests so that kids don’t fight over whom it is in front.

The Car Kit is priced at US$49.99, and works with both iPad with Wi-Fi and iPad with Wi-Fi+ 3G.

Car Kit for iPad

Car Kit for iPad

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They could have at least let the screen rotate in the picture.

Erica Gamet

I want something like this for airline seats…wouldn’t need the charger or FM transmitter. I guess if you had Apple’s iPad case, you could strap a bungee to it…and hope you don’t annoy the guy in the seat in front of you!

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