Stuffit Deluxe 2010 Heads for the Cloud

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Smith Micro unveiled its new Stuffit Deluxe 2010 on Monday with support for the Stuffit Connect "cloud-based" service. Stuffit Connect is designed to let users to share large files without worrying about email attachment size limits.

Stuffit Deluxe can compress files and automatically upload them to Stuffit Connect, then send the recipient an email with a download link. Stuffit Connect lets users store up to 2GB of data, and files are protected with 512-bit RC4 encryption.

The application also includes a Stuff-and-Mail option in the Mac OS X menu bar, offers file compression in iPhoto and Aperture, offers improved compression for PNG and TIFF images, and more.

Stuffit Deluxe 2010 is priced at US$79.99. Upgrades from any previous version cost $29.99.


Gary Niger

poor stuffit.  They have no reason-to-exist after apple included zip compression in the OS ... and after broadband became common, meaning that people are fine with ‘good enough’, and don’t care to have ‘the best’ compression around (to be fair, stuffit’s lossless jpeg recompression is quite clever).

stuffit did wtc lol


Actually, you’re quite off the mark there Gary.  Stuffit files have been around for a very, very long time.  Long before zip files even worked on a Mac.  As a result, there are literally MILLIONS of stuffed archives in existence.  Are people supposed to just throw them away?  What about businesses that have huge servers full of them?

No, Stuffit still has a place.  What’s unfortunate is that it has also become abused by Smith Micro and is now nothing more than a cash cow.  This latest “upgrade” for example, is similar to the last three in that is really offers NOTHING compelling.  It should have regular upgrade maintenance and that’s it, unless Smith can find a feature for Stuffit that is worthwhile.  It does handle certain kinds of archives better than any other utility of its kind on the market, but it has pretty much always done that.  It’s simply no longer worth the $30 upgrade fee.  Maybe it should become shareware instead.


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