HighPoint Unveils RocketRAID eSATA RAID Controller

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HighPoint unveiled its first, out-of-the-box boot-ready RAID controller designed for Mac Pro platforms on Thursday. RocketRAID eSATA for Mac is the fastest dual eSATA port PCI-E RAID controller on the market.

Empowered by PCI-Express x4 performance, and HighPoint's RAID technology, the RocketRAID eSATA for Mac is an external RAID solution for any Mac Pro system. PCI-Express x4 bus speed supplies transfer rates up to 1000 MB/s for a dual-port eSATA controller.

Integrated boot support allows the HighPoint eSATA for Mac RAID controller to boot a Mac Pro system, from a single drive or RAID configuration.

The RocketRAID eSATA retails for US$199 and is available for purchase through

Apple.com Web sites and from HighPoint distribution partners.

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