Survey Finds Android Nipping on iOS’ Heels

While developer interest in iPad and iPhone remains strong, interest in Android has risen too, most notably in tablets, according to the results of a recent survey conducted by cross-platform development solution provider Appcelerator and research firm IDC. The two companies surveyed 2,235 Appcelerator Titanium developers from January 10-12, 2011 on perceptions surrounding mobile OS priorities, feature priorities, and mobile development plans in 2011.

According to the report: “Google has nearly caught up to Apple in smart phone popularity and is closing the gap in tablets. Microsoft and RIM made solid gains through their product line update, while Google TV and Apple TV interest dropped off. As these trends unfold, it is also becoming clear that the days of mobile app experimentation are over. This year, developers and businesses expect to triple their app development efforts and the average developer is now building for four different devices.”

While the percentage of developers who said they were “very interested” in developing for iPad rose from 84% in September to 87% this time, Android tablet leaped from 62% to 74%, and BlackBerry PlayBook saw a 12-point jump from 16% to 28%. webOS interest flatlined, however, at 16%. iPhone continued to lead all devices at 92%.

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Asked for an iPad 2 wish list, a USB connector, a better display, and cameras were the top choices. The report noted: “Think of the iPad in a retail scenario as a point-of-sale device or in the living room as a command console for home entertainment and video games. Better support for 3rd party peripherals and content streaming will be a driving factor in keeping iPad ahead of the competition.”