Survey Finds iPhone 4S Customer Satisfaction Highest Yet

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Owners of Apple’s iPhone 4S are reporting satisfaction rates even higher than the company’s 2010 iPhone 4. Changewave Research released the results of a new survey that found 96% of iPhone 4S owners are either “Somewhat Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied.” That’s three percentage points higher than the 93% of iPhone 4 owners that said the same thing in July of 2010, but Apple gained five percentage points in those who are “Very Satisfied,” as seen in the chart below.

Changewave Chart

These are curve-busting satisfaction rates in the consumer electronics world, and Changewave found that only 2% of respondents reported being “Unsatisfied.”

Changewave also asked participants in the survey what they liked and disliked about Apple’s newest iPhone. Not surprisingly, Siri was the #1 feature cited. with 49% naming it as the feature they “Liked Best.” This was followed by the device’s ease of use (39%), and the 8 megapixel camera on the iPhone 4S.

Changewave Chart

On the “Dislike Most” side, the biggee is “Battery Life Too Short” (38%), an issue Apple has been working on with updates to iOS. According to the company, “Two-in-five owners said they had experienced reduced battery life with their iPhone 4S (40%). But when asked how much of a problem this issue was for them, only 8% of all owners said it was a Very Big Problem while 20% said it was Somewhat of a Problem.”

Many people have found their battery life improving with recent updates, but it’s clearly an issue that has been high in the minds of iPhone owners. Changewave stipulated that the survey was taken one day before Apple’s more recent iOS update released to address this issue.

The second biggest “Dislike Most” aspect was the lack of support for emerging 4G networks (30%) such as LTE. Third on the list is the screen size (11%).

Note that despite these issues, Apple still has the highest satisfaction ratings yet in its iPhone product line.

Changewave Chart

The last issue reported by Changewave is the frequency of dropped calls on Apple’s iPhone 4S. The survey found that the frequency of dropped calls is less than half (2.5%) of that reported by iPhone 4 owners in July of 2010, when the iPhone 4 was released.

Changewave Chart

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...And the ‘disappointments’ just keep rolling in.

My only complaint is with Siri, in that the female voice struggles with my accent apparently, so have had to switch to the male UK voice. That said, he too gets muddled on occasion. Last night, I asked him to compose a text to my son and let him know that his mum had just brought home a dessert. The message was, ‘Dessert is here’. Siri responded with ‘Deserts here’ and ‘Desert us here’ before finally getting it right. Alas.

As for battery life, I have compared my 4S to both my wife’s 4 and my venerable 3GS (now my son’s as he lost his in Kazan, just in case any good Samaritan Kazanite locates it), and find no substantial difference in battery life. This is by averaging the remaining charge at the end of the day without recharging over several days of observation. Perhaps I’m just fortunate on the battery life, even if less so with Siri.


@wab95 Speaktoit is far better then Siri . At least outside US. Try them side by side ! Soon it will be in iOS also, so other then 4s owners will have better assistent then 4S owners.. ( for me this mania with assistents is… {censored}, and temporary)
The trick with this poll is that they asked iSheep : “Are you satisfied with your 4S?” and answer is : “Yes, but….” ! And it goes to “Satisfied” folder smile
  iSheeps can not answer some other way! And complaints of the isheeps are not relevant:)

Bryan Chaffin

mex, your assertion on the questions asked is entirely inaccurate. The question is how satisfied are you. Another question is what do you like best. Another question is what do you like least.

You are welcome to conjure up some kind of mythical reality were “Yes, but” sentiments can lead to 77% of people answering they are “Very Satisfied” and another 19% saying they are “Somewhat Satisfied” if you wish.


My only complaint is with Siri

Perhaps I have overstated my complaint.

Now that I am using the not-so-sultry male UK voice, I get on with Siri quite well, and am enjoying the functionality. I simply prefer the female voice, but not at the pain of perpetual misunderstanding. For example:

Me: Call my wife.

Siri: Call your ride?

Me: No, call my wife.

Siri: Okay. Calling Mr Reid…

Me: Cancel!

Siri: There is nothing to cancel.

Me: Well then, call-my-wife

Siri: I don’t understand you.

Me: Crikey…

Hardly the smooth user experience one should hope for, so Siri and I have done some male bonding and now get on like a house on fire.

Perhaps when Apple get the rights to use Majel Barrett’s voice, it will be graced with a universal translator that can decipher any accent.

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