Susan Boyle, Stoned Kid Top 2009 YouTube Videos

YouTube's most watched video list for 2009 is out with Britain's Got Talent Susan Boyle performance and David After Dentist taking the top spots. This also marks the first time YouTube has publicly shared its most watched videos of the year list.

Following behind Susan's Boyle's surprise singing performance and little David's post dentist trip down anesthetic avenue was JK Wedding Entrance Dance, the New Moon movie trailer, and the mildy disturbing Evian Roller Babies. Susan Boyle's video drew in more than 120 million views world wide.

The fastest rising search term for the year was "Michael Jackson Thriller," and celebrity scandals proved popular this year with searches for Christian Bale, Kanye West and Tiger Woods proving to be fast climbers.

YouTube plans to expand its lists in 2010 with additional categories. For now, at least, the lists seem to indicate that YouTube viewers have more than a passing interest in celebrity scandals and the drug-induced insights of children.