Suspect Arrested in Hand-maiming iPad Robbery

A suspect in the theft of an iPad in Denver that left the victim short one finger was arrested early Tuesday morning, according to The Denver Post. The arrested man, Brandon Darnell Smith, was one of two suspects that allegedly ripped a just purchased iPad away from the victim and tore his finger off in the process.

Mr. Smith was arrested at 1:14AM and is being held for investigation related to second degree assault and robbery, according to Denver Police spokesperson Sonny Jackson.

Mr. Smith was allegedly one of two men that stole an iPad from Bill Jordan after he left the Cherry Creek Apple Store on April 15. The bag containing the iPad was wrapped around Mr. Jordan’s hand, and when the suspects pulled it away, it tore most of one of his fingers off. The remaining part of Mr. Jordan’s finger was amputated later that day.

There’s no word yet on the status of the second suspect in the robbery.