Suspicious Health Records for Steve Jobs Surface

Images alleging to be from Apple CEO Steve Jobs's personal medical records have begun circulating around the Internet, and claim to show that his health is far worse than Apple is revealing. The likelihood that the images are legit, however, is small considering the number of inconsistencies observers have found.

The medical images claim that Mr. Jobs is suffering from HIV. They appeared on the Wikileaks Web site several days ago along with a detailed analysis of the image inconsistencies.

Both of the images appear legit on first glance, but several discrepancies seem to show they are fake. Some text, for example, looks out of perspective with the rest of the documents, and some dates don't seem to match.

The Wikileaks entry added "As Apple Inc's stock price depends in part on the health of Mr. Jobs, stock speculators are motivated to introduce information critical of Mr. Jobs health. Due to the contradictory dates, possible evidence of forgery, strong motivations for fabrication, and few motivations for a legitimate revelation, the images should not be taken at face value."