Swatch: We Aren't Making Apple's iWatch

Insider sources are claiming the fashion watch maker Swatch has teamed up with Apple to help the iPhone and iPad maker bring the rumored iWatch to market. Swatch, however, says that's not true and that the closest it has come to working with any smartphone maker was as an integrated circuit provider.

Swatch/Apple iWatch team up? Not likely.Swatch/Apple iWatch team up? Not likely.

The report about Swatch's alleged collaboration with Apple came through insider sources speaking with VentureBeat. The sources said the partnership wasn't limited to Swatch and that Apple planned to roll out its smartwatch technology across several companies so consumers would have a broad selection of watches from which to choose.

Swatch shot down the idea by denying it is working with Apple on watch designs in a clear denial to Reuters. That denial brings into question whether or not Apple is teaming up with other watch makers, too. While the idea that Apple could flood the market with watches based on its own tech -- maybe with an "iWatch Compatible" moniker -- sounds like a great way to drive up sales, the company's track record makes it more likely that its smartwatch efforts are happening internally.

The rumored iWatch is commonly expected to ship some time this fall with a series of sensors designed to track health and fitness activities. Apple has been hiring experts in the field for years and currently has what amounts to a wearable tech dream team.

So far, Apple hasn't confirmed that it is making a push into wearable technology, although we have been given a couple hints beyond the company's hiring spree. First, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that the company has an intense interest in wearable tech, and the company has also promised to jump into a new product category some time this year.

What we know for sure right now is that Apple may be working on a smartwatch device, and that Swatch isn't involved.