SwiftKey Adds Languages in iOS Without App Store Updates

SwiftKey, keyboard replacement for iOS, has added seven new languages as of Wednesday. If you're a SwiftKey user, you got these additional languages without having to bother with an App Store update using a rather clever update mechanism.

SwiftKey's language pack screen.

These language updates are possible thanks to the iOS Full Access option. Since SwiftKey needs to use Full Access because it's a keyboard, the keyboard itself is separated from the container app you see on your device. This means the container app can look for additional languages using an internet connection, and language packs can be added any time without having to put the app through the review process. (Check out the language packs interface below.)

Another advantage to this update mechanism is that the app is only as big as it needs to be. Right now SwiftKey supports more than 70 languages in the Android version, but you don't have to download all of them. All that lives on your device is the languages you need.

If you liked yesterday's beta notices, you can apply to be part of the SwiftKey beta test by filling out a survey.