SyFy Expands Light Track Support to Philips Hue in 12 Monkeys Series

SyFy announced Monday that its new series 12 Monkeys will tie into Philips Hue LED lightbulb through the "light track" feature in the Syfy Sync app [iTunes link]. The feature will make a Hue-equipped living room part of the viewing experience by having ambient light match the action on the screen. 

The feature was first introduced with Sharknado 2—light track changes the colors of Philips Hue lightbulbs while the Syfy show plays on television. Instead of only working with the middle chapter of Sharknado (oh yes, a third is on the way), the company said it will also work with the entire run of the first season of the new series 12 Monkeys.

This new series is based on the timey-wimey Terry Gilliam film starring Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis. SyFy will premiere 12 Monkeys on January 16 and run for thirteen episodes. As of now it isn't clear how close the show will hew to the film.

[Via MacRumors]