SyncMate Improves Mac, Android Sync Options

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Eltima Software announced the immediate availability of SyncMate 3.0 on Monday. The new version of the Mac OS X utility for syncing data with Android, Windows Mobile and other devices.

SyncMate 3.0

Version 3.0 includes the ability to sync calendars and contacts with Android OS devices via Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi, along with the ability to view text messages on your Mac. It also supports syncing music and photos, syncing Web browser bookmarks, and mounting Android OS and Windows Mobile devices on the Desktop as a removable disks.

SyncMate 3.0 is free for users that only need iCal and contacts syncing, and SMS history viewing.

The Expert Edition adds music and photo syncing, Firefox and Safari bookmark syncing, Mail syncing, the Desktop disk mounting, and more. It costs US$39.95 and is available for download at the Eltima Software Web site.

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anyone knows if it can perform “one-way” sync with google address book (and android) ? I don’t like google editing my contacts smile

Alex Taylor

@ Khaled -

Hi Khaled, my name is Alex, I’m from Eltima Software.
Yes of course, you can sync Address Book on Mac to Google account or Android devices in one direction. In fact, SyncMate offers three directions - from Mac to Google account, from Google account to Mac and bidirectional. The same directions are offered for Android devices’ sync. So just choose that one which the most preferable for you.

Please, let me know, what do you mean under “google editing my contacts “. You can contact me directly at

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