Synology BeyondCloud Gets Users Up-and-Running With Private Cloud Quickly

Synology, well-known for their full-featured, geek-targeted Network Attached Storage servers, has lowered the barrier to entry with their new BeyondCloud offering. Best described as a significant update to their setup software, BeyondCloud gets users up-and-running with essential packages right out of the box.

By the time the simple setup is complete, users are up and running with their own server for sharing videos, music and photos; a private cloud synchronization engine (complete with companion Mac, iOS and Windows apps), a DLNA server, a BitTorrent client, and Note Station, your own Evernote-esque notes server, all running privately on your own box on your own network, but securely accessible by you anywhere.

Appearing right in your web browser, BeyondCloud automates the installation of all of these packages and more

iOS apps to interface with each of the above are easily downloaded from the iTunes App Store, and the entire process takes less than five minutes via a simple walkthrough in your web browser.

While Synology is still intentionally not targeting novice users, BeyondCloud is a great way to quickly get started with Synology without inheriting any future limitations, something even novices may find compelling. Once setup is complete, users are up and running with the full flexibility of Disk Station Manager, including the ability to install additional packages from Synology and third parties, if desired.

BeyondCloud is currently available in single and dual-drive units with either 2TB or 3TB capacity and mirrored fault-tolerance in the dual-drive option. The single drive units are US$179.99 (2TB) and $239.99 (3TB) while the 6TB (3TB mirrored) dual-drive unit is $369.99. As is the case with most Synology units, drives from any of these are migratable to larger Synology units down the road if users decide they want more power or drive bays.