Synology Adds Time Machine, iPhone Support to Disk Station Manager 2.2

Synology announced Tuesday the release of Disk Station Manager 2.2, an update to the Disk Station configuration and management tool that adds support for Time Machine and iPhone, as well as Surveillance Station 3 and a DLNA-compliant media server. Disk Station is a Network Attached Storage solution that offers several server-related functions (print serving, file sharing, and many more) in addition to its storage function.

"In order to better fully support our Mac users, we've added Apple Time Machine and iPhone support to extend the capabilities of the Disk Station," Heather Morford, marketing director of Synology America Corp., said in a statement. "Time Machine support allows Mac OS X users to backup their data directly to their Disk Stations using the native Mac OS X application. Two new iPhone applications, DS photo and DS audio, make uploading photos and streaming music from a Disk Station to an iPhone or iPod Touch and easy and seamless process.”

Surveillance Station 3 is a video surveillance system one can manage through Disk Station. Users can attach IP cameras to their network, and manage them through Disk Station Manager. The new version include new features called Synchronized Multi-Event Player (SMEP) and Centralized Management.

According to the company, SMEP allows users to simultaneously watch events recorded at the same time from up to four different cameras. Centralized Management allows users to simultaneously watch the camera live-views installed on multiple Disk Stations, or watch the event timeline of a single camera installed on another Disk Station.

The update also includes support for Digital Living Network Alliance-compliant (DLNA) devices such as Sony PS3 and Xbox360 (and others) to allow for digital content sharing.

Disk Station comes in a large variety of variations and sizes, and you can find more information at the company's Web site. Disk Station Manager 2.2 is a free update for Disk Station users.