T-Mobile Media Event May Include LTE, iPhone Announcements

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T-Mobile announcing an iPhone deal today? Maybe.U.S. cell service provider T-Mobile will be hosting a media event in New York City Tuesday morning where the company is expected to talk about its LTE network plans, and possibly even some news about bringing the iPhone to the network. T-Mobile is the only big carrier to be left out of the iPhone game, although it does support unlocked iPhones in a limited capacity.

T-Mobile has been working to catch up with AT&T and Verizon, and a large scale LTE rollout would help with those efforts. LTE is a high speed wireless data network technology that AT&T and Verizon have already been building up across the country to replace their 3G services.

T-Mobile hasn't said what it plans to announce at the media event. Even if there isn't an iPhone announcement, it's likely we'll hear about the company's LTE expansion plans, and that's a big step towards finally getting on board with Apple's popular smartphone.

The media event is set to start at about 11:15AM eastern time in New York City.

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Sure, T-Mobile could announce an iPhone partnership with Apple, but it seems more likely we'll be hearing about LTE and LTE-compatible smartphones from Apple's competitors.

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