T-Mobile Promoting Its Unlimited Plans for Unlocked iPhones

T-Mobile is the US's fourth largest carrier and it doesn't sell the iPhone, but a new advertising campaign is dedicated to telling customers that iPhones will work on its network. In a new "Unlocked & Unlimited" promotion, T-Mobile is wooing owners of off-contract, unlocked iPhones to get them to bring their device and take advantage of its unlimited data plans.

T-Mobile Unlocked & Unlimited poster

Suzanne Lowry, T-Mobile's vice president of marketing, announced Monday that starting September 12 (yes, the same day as Apple's media event where the next iPhone is expected to be revealed), her company will begin a new campaign to help owners of unlocked iPhones make the transfer to the T-Mobile network.

In addition to new store displays and an ad campaign, each store will have an iPhone 4S demo unit and staff will be trained to assist customers in setting up their device on the network. T-Mobile is also working on iOS apps such as T-Mobile myAccount, T-Mobile Visual Voicemail, and T-Mobile TV to add value and service to iPhone using customers.

T-Mobile offers unlimited talk/text/data plans for individuals starting at US$89.99 per month. Both AT&T and Verizon are phasing out unlimited data options for their customers.

AT&T's unlimited talk plan for an individual starts at US$69.99, but then requires and additional unlimited text plan for US$20 and a not unlimited data plan ranging from US$20-50. Verizon offers an individual plan for $40 access plus $60-100 for unlimited talk and text, but with data capped anywhere from 2GB to 10GB. T-Mobile wins on simplicity alone, as well as being the least expensive alternative.

T-Mobile claims that its network reaches 96% of all Americans and is fast becoming 4G (HSPA+) serviced although that changeover is not yet complete. The company said that it has "recorded on average 70% faster download speeds than iPhone 4S devices on AT&T's network," but that information hasn't been independently confirmed. The current iPhone 4S can take advantage of that network, but earlier editions can not.

It should be noted that iPhones from Verizon and Sprint networks will not work on T-Mobile's network due to differing network configurations. Only former AT&T phones can take advantage of this promotion.