T-Mobile Teases iPhone 6s Promo for $5, $10, or $15 Per Month

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T-Mobile CEO John Legere teased an upcoming promotional offer for iPhone 6s that would let some customers get Apple's new newest device for as little as $5 per month. Part of the company's JUMP on Demand plan, Mr. Legere tweeted that users who turn in an iPhone 6 or other device can get an iPhone 6s for $5, $10, or $15 per month.

The tweets in question:



The deal will apparently be launched on September 25th, the same day the iPhone 6s ships. As noted in the last tweet, customers who already preordered an iPhone 6s can still get on board the JUMP on Demand promotion.

[Via Engadget]



Lat month, I switched our service from AT&T to T-Mobile, and while the switchover was still PAINFUL, it will be worth it.

We are getting the iPhone for $15/month and we are all getting new 6S’s in the next few days/weeks, with no additional cost. The rigormaroll to negate the up front costs of cancelling AT&T (and paying off 3 iPhones) and getting the 10GB for all and $15/mo iPhones was extremely confusing, but the jist is this:

We traded in “any” smartphone for a $216 credit towards a new phone, which knocks off $12/month (to $15) for the 18 months you pay for the phone. We did not trade in our iPhones, we bought $20 smartphones from Best Buy to use to trade in, and then sell our iPhones for much more than 216 each.
We have 5 lines, and save $75 a month now, and that’s with an extra iPhone payment, which under AT&T would have been another $27-30.

We did however, come close on 2 different occasions on 2 different days to cancelling the whole thing because they could not get their stories straight. It took about 8 hours of face to face to get it done.

That’s too much, but I really can’t stand AT&T anymore. We were with them ever since they bought Cingulair, and service has really gone downhill over the past couple years.

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