T-Mobile Unleashes Wi-Fi In Latest Uncarrier Event

T-Mobile held another Uncarrier event Wednesday, titled Uncarrier 7, "Wi-Fi Unleashed." This latest event is centered around advances made in Wi-Fi functionality, both for customers and for the wireless provider.

First up, all Simple Choice customers can use Wi-Fi calling and texting with capable phones on any Wi-Fi network. As of the time of the announcement, all smartphones for sale from T-Mobile have this capability, and if a customer doesn't have a phone with this capability, not to worry. T-Mobile also launched "open enrollment" in the JUMP! Program, so anyone interested can sign up and immediately upgrade to a Wi-Fi calling/texting capable device.

Next up came the T-Mobile Personal CellSpot announcement. A T-Mobile Personal CellSpot is a piece of hardware that can work in conjunction with a router, or in place of one to enhance cellular reception indoors. It is available to any T-Mobile customer for a refundable $25 deposit.

Also today a partnership with in-flight internet provider Gogo was announced. Through this partnership, T-Mobile customers can use the service for texting, pictures messages, and even visual voicemail, completely free of charge.