T-Mobile UK Announces iPhone 4 Price Plans

T-Mobile U.K. unveiled its iPhone 4 price plans on Thursday with wireless data caps that top out at 1 GB a month.

T-Mobile’s monthly plans start at £25 a month with 100 talk minutes and texts, along with 500 MB wireless data access. The plans top out at £60 a month with unlimited talk time, 500 texts and 1 GB of wireless data access. “Unlimited” talk time, however, is limited to T-Mobile’s 3,000 minutes a month “fair use” policy.

The carrier’s cost for the iPhone 4 drop with higher priced service plans. The 16 GB iPhone 4, for example, costs subscribers £259 with the £25 a month plan, £189 with the £35 a month plan, and is free with the £60 a month plan. Pricing on the 32 GB model starts at £349 with the £25 a month plan, and drops as low as £99 with the £60 a month service contract.

The complete pricing chart is available at the T-Mobile UK Web site.