T-Mobile UK Announces iPhone 4 Price Plans

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T-Mobile U.K. unveiled its iPhone 4 price plans on Thursday with wireless data caps that top out at 1 GB a month.

T-Mobile’s monthly plans start at £25 a month with 100 talk minutes and texts, along with 500 MB wireless data access. The plans top out at £60 a month with unlimited talk time, 500 texts and 1 GB of wireless data access. “Unlimited” talk time, however, is limited to T-Mobile’s 3,000 minutes a month “fair use” policy.

The carrier’s cost for the iPhone 4 drop with higher priced service plans. The 16 GB iPhone 4, for example, costs subscribers £259 with the £25 a month plan, £189 with the £35 a month plan, and is free with the £60 a month plan. Pricing on the 32 GB model starts at £349 with the £25 a month plan, and drops as low as £99 with the £60 a month service contract.

The complete pricing chart is available at the T-Mobile UK Web site.



Do you notice how AT&T and all of these other carriers worldwide continue to launch and sell the allegedly defective iPhone 4?  They wouldn’t do that if they believed or even suspected that the iPhone 4 had a hardware defect that caused it to have bad reception, because that would exposed them to expensive lawsuits and damage claims for selling a defective product.  Even where those carriers would be entitled to contribution from Apple for any damages, they still wouldn’t want to bear the trouble, expense, and damage to their reputations that would come from selling a defective iPhone 4.  Yet, they all continue to launch and sell the iPhone 4, which means that those carriers respective engineering teams have investigated the iPhone 4 and not found it wanting in its hardware or software.

This is more evidence that there is no hardware defect in the iPhone 4, much less one that affects its reception.

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